My name is Jon Kalb. I’m best known for helping with and/or presenting at C++ events like C++Now, CppCon, ACCU, and CppNorth, but since 2015, my “day job” has been C++ training. I work with teams to get the most out of C++.


Jon KalbI’ve personally conducted C++ training for hundreds of experienced professional software engineers to be more comfortable and productive with, what may be the single most powerful software engineering tool in existence—their modern C++ compiler.


Whether you have a small team that can’t justify the the cost of a dedicated class or a large company that wants to incorporate training as part of a regular on-boarding process, I can assist. In addition to my personal experience, I’ve extensively interviewed the top C++ trainers about their techniques and experiences. In my capacity running CppCon Academy, I have hired more C++ instructors than anyone else in the world. I can find a solution that works for you.


Let’s get started! Contact me at jon@cpp.training or skip that step and just set up an appointment